Welcome to Arc Cymru

helping you build stronger, resilient organisations and communities and
supporting clients towards sustainable change making a real difference

What we do

Sustainable solutions

Assessment and insight on maximising your organisation’s impact using the Well-being of Future Generations Act as a framework for change for the people you serve

Effective Communication

Helping you unleash the potential of your communications team, understanding and valuing the role they play in preventing crisis, supporting them to feel match fit and ready for anything

Influencing for Change

Developing clear purpose & strategic, evidenced-based campaigns

Coaching & mentoring

Tailor-made packages of support to get the best out of individuals and teams

From Our Blog


Coffee & Creativity: where’s the connection?

We’re living our professional lives in a virtual reality. It’s easier than ever to get involved in exciting events all over the world. But one thing that has really bit the dust this year is the humble chat — from networking to having a natter. As Wales went back into…

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Well-being: is it bad for us?

Of course not! But constant pressure of any kind is — and that includes pressure to be well or constantly positive. The well-being movement has been around a long time and has really taken off in recent years. In 2020, it’s hard to have a conversation where the concept doesn’t…

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